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Swing Away


Following her suspension from the LPGA tour due to a meltdown, Greek-American golf pro, Zoe,
retreats to her family home in Greece with the hopes of escaping the unwanted public and media
scrutiny. While in Greece, Zoe stumbles across Stella, a 10-year-old golf prodigy who brings her back
down to earth and inspires her to lift her game. Zoe soon encounters Marcos, a widower and English
teacher who also happens to be Stella’s father.
As the pair grow closer, it becomes apparent that while a good man, Marcos’ past has led him to be
sceptical of dreams. So, when it comes to his daughter’s golfing aspirations, he fears that they will
be crushed by the harsh realities of Greek life. Shot amongst the beautiful beaches of Rhodes in
Greece, Swing Away is a story of redemption, love, and finding inspiration in unexpected places.

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Shannon Elizabeth, John O'Hurley, Karl Theobald

Directed by

Michael A. Nickles

Written by

Paul Robert Lingas, Julia Wall

Country Of Origin



English, Greek

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